Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farm Update

At the beginning of the season I mentioned I was growing wildflowers.

I would have mowed them back by now, but many are still blooming.  Took this before the snow and frost came this past weekend.

I have no idea what those tall things on the left were trying to be, but they never bloomed.  My guess?  WEEDS.  Weeds I planted with the wildflower seeds.

Black Eyed Susans didn't do as well as I hoped.  All in all a pretty experiment.  Potatoes in the spring, maybe.  Spring peas if I get REAL adventurous in March.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Next year, I'd plant Garlic, WolfsBane,...

Hat Trick said...

Those are weeds on the left. If they haven't dropped their seed yet carefully cut them out and burn them or that's all you'll have in your garden next year.