Friday, November 18, 2011


The Occupy Flea Baggers think there was no justification for their deportation from Wall Street adjacent private property and the arrests to get them off of said private land.  To them, the police restoring a bit of order is illegitimate.  The lesson they are learning, when THEY get power and control a police force, and some future Tea Party they won't need to use their Socialist Sturmtruppen to intimidate or attack a peaceful Tea Party type event.  They can order their cops to on a trumped up reason even they, the leftist, think is illegitimate.  Because they think rule of man is how it works.  So they will have no qualms ordering police to tear gas Tea Party types.

This might not work well for the confused leftists.  In the eyes of the general public, at a minimum.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Commies belong to a Cult who's main Leaders died over a Hundred years ago. (Mao, Ho Chi Mihn and Castro being the Exceptions, of course, but I wonder if Castro didn't get some Zombie Blood Transfusions...).

They are united in one thing only: Whatever they want is GOOD, and anyone who opposes them is BAD. They couldn't tell you the difference between a Menshivik and a Bolshevik to save their souls, but they want the Wealth Redistributed NOW, By Any Means Necessary!

This is probably the most clueless movement since the Millerites KNEW the End of the World was Coming in the 19th Century. They are "Sound-Bite Socialists", who have been raised to think everything can be solved in less than a TeeWee Hour.

"Useful Idiots" doesn't even begin to describe these Over-Educated, Ill-Informed Useless Parasites, yet the MSM and City Gooberments refuse to treat them like they really are: a Health Risk to the Body Politic.