Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Dry

And a guest blogger isn't ready yet.

My previous guest blogger never heard of an XD having reliability issues or readily breaking.  Like with Glocks the triggers have been know to need service.  Pull it, in nothing happens.

Since my buddy got that XD (I, too, had never heard a complaint back then) I've heard it can do something to lock the slide up permanent, and you need to send it back with a round in the chamber for service.  Yikes!

What other things?  The mad release is easily pushed on an M&P, dumping the mag at imoppurtune times.  The sear can wear on an 1911, making it a 7 round machine pistol.  I've had a pin break on a 1911.  The one that hold the mainspring housing in place.  You need that mainspring to work.  The screw that hold the yoke to the frame on your revolver can back out and they your cylinder falls out of the gun.  

Anything else catastrophically fail, common or not, on a certain pistol type, but not on other types?


JD Rush said...

The mag release is very easy to press on the M&P- I've modded my IWB holster to clear the release. A CCW mag release would be a nice option. I know they can be shortened- I don't have a spare yet to practice on. And I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to have different controls on just one pistol in the same family.

This was one reason I dropped the XD in a heartbeat- the ambidextrous mag release dropped every time I brushed against something. Like a seat belt. I'm lucky my carry mag didn't drop free, but that would have boned me if I needed a second mag- strike 2. Strike 3 was being funny with the spare mags. I've treated the M&P's like rented mules and had no problems. That's just one XD, so take that for what it is worth.

That Guy said...

Cylinders on Taurus revolvers like to lock up.
S&W revolvers have the ejector rod back out and tie up the gun if not properly tightened
CZ-52 has a weak firing pin that will break if dry fired
Marlin Levers have a sharp edge wear into the elevators, and jam up the gun.

Tam said...

There is quite literally not enough space in this comments section. You name the gun, I'll tell you what usually breaks on it.

Don't waste time picking fly poop out of pepper. Pick a gun, learn its strengths and weaknesses, and drive on.

One of the things that impresses me most about Farmer Frank James is not how many .41 Magnum revolvers he has, but how many he's worn slap out and retired to his gun safe.

More shoot, less talk. ;)

(Sorry, I've been reading zen koans all morning... :o )

Boat Guy said...

Tam, as ever, is spot-on. Anything mechanical made by man can fail.
My own experience? Had a slide stop break once on a parts-gun I built (and Gunsite later worked). The barrel bushing on my GrandDad's 1911 gave out after only 90-some years of service (one of the "legs" broke sending the recoil spring and plug out on the prairie never to be found).
Three or four thousand rounds through my 4" XD without a hitch so far and have never have had an issue with the mag release.
Oh yeah, saw a hammer pin back out of an M16 once - out of the several hundred of those I've been exposed to.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I wonder what Tam means? ; )

Oh, good news for you! I was on the Ruger site the other day, and they finally made their Scout Rifle for the Left Handed. Check it out.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Her's a qustion for Tam "There is quite literally not enough space in this comments section. You name the gun, I'll tell you what usually breaks on it."

Why haven't you done that post? Wanna work for Blastomatic Monthly one day and are worried about advertisers complaining?

You even have the contacts to flesh out the list on some of the gun models you didn't see.

Tam said...

Post? It would be a book.

For starters, I'd ask Todd if I could reprint this for the introduction...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You're gonna get rich. I can't wait for my own signed copy of volume one of the Tamara opus!

Tam said...

Here's the Cliff's Notes version "Put not thy faith in magic swords." ;)