Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ammo Scarcity

Some Gun Nut is noticing a scarcity in ammo again.  Like back in 2009.  Like it's some conspiracy.

Rember how NICS checks hit record numbers on Black Friday last November?  And again on Christmas Eve?

Maybe the record number of gun sales, with ranges and gun stores and gun shows at their most crowded EVER...  Maybe folks are just buying ammo so as to go have fun with their new gun, huh?  I don't think Barack "Teleprompter" Obama, Eric "Furious" Holder, and Joe "The Brains" Biden are stealing all our ammo.  ...THIS time....

That said, I just bought some ammo.  I was getting low on practice .45, and I wanted to try a mess of hollow points anyway.  So 500 rounds inbound.

I would have used, and have in the past, but they don't recognize ANY of my email addresses to send me a password.  I'm not going throught their rigmorole again with a fax machine to get my package dropped off without a signature... So... Ammoman?  Sorry.  You've made it too hard to continue to give you my money.  Hello, Luckygunner.


Paladin said...

I wonder if some of the shortage has anything to do with activity in California? 100 environmental groups are petitioning the EPA to ban lead in the production of ammunition. They tried this before and failed, but there are more groups behind it this time around. I heard one of the green douchenozzles on the radio saying that lead wasn't necessary to make bullets... manufacturers could just use copper instead.

Yeah.. ammo at $50 a box wouldn't be a problem at all, I guess.

There's currently a bill in Congress that would prohibit the EPA from doing anything in regards to ammo.... needs to pass.

Mike W. said...

My problem with Ammoman is that they're no longer price competitive.

I just bought 500 rounds of defensive ammo (Gold Dots) Checked Ammoman first, but found them for nearly $4/box less after shipping than Ammoman's prices.

FWIW I used to buy from him a lot.

Bogie said...

I've always had good, warm, fuzzy feelings in dealing with Lucky Gunner. Once they get your Fed ID card on file, that is (maybe thats just because Im in New Jersey).
I just received a big ol' package from them the other day with couple hundred rounds of 9mm, 7.62x54R and oodles and oodles of nice clean CCI .22.

Ammoman has been creeping up for well over a year now.

This Jew Shoots Guns

Angus McThag said...

If it's a raw materials shortage, there's not much we can do.

I wonder, however, if it's lack of production space, like with the .380 shortage.

How many years of increasing sales before the ammo makers add production capacity?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but look at THIS:

Anonymous said...

People need to remember that you don't have to outlaw elephants if you make elephant chow impossible to get- that's a metaphor-