Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gun Control Proposal

Seen at JayG's blog, a proposal for all guns to be fitted with a GPS transponder. 

I guess since the microstamping proposal was for the most part revealed to be silly, they have to think of a new silly thing to foist. 

But man, a GPS transponder would make confiscation a snap!

Speaking of silly things, remember the biometrics gun in Shoot Em Up that the 'evil' gun maker, played by Paul Giamatti, wielded?  I doubt that would get popular with shooters.

I remember.. must have been in the late 70s early 80s... There was an article in Popular Mechanics for something similar.  It was for cops, for weapon retention.  The officer wore a ring that activated a safety in the gun.  Anyone without that particular ring couldn't fire the gun. 

I'm sure it wasn't popular with the police.  The occasional failure to function, or one cop getting loaned another cop's gun... this would kibosh that.  That I remember.

But at least it wasn't pushed as a gun control scheme.  Homeowners could also get it installed for safety purposes. 

Wait!  Here it is!  June of '77.  The Magna Trigger Safety Ring.  Looks like it is still made, too.  Anyone ever seen one in the wild?

So that biometric scheme is nothing new.  The concept has been around for decades.


Bob said...

Gunwriter Massad Ayoob owns a MagnaTrigger-equipped revolver, or used to, and has written about it on occasion.

Anonymous said...

The MagnaTrigger isn't biometric, nor is it proprietary to one ring. It's just a strong magnet that de-activates a safety built into the front of the grip. Anyone wearing a MagnaTrigger ring can shoot any MagnaTrigger equipped pistol.

Never heard of any failures or malfunctions, but they were not popular, and never did catch on.