Friday, March 30, 2012

Martin Vs. Zimmerman Latest

I had a dream last night that upon waking the clock radio alarm was on the News.  The latest detail to emerge from the shooting was that Martin and Zimmerman had been in a long term romantic relaitionship, and the shooting may have been the result of an elaborate lover's quarrel. 

I threw up my hands at that point. 

I've got to stop eating Berger cookies before bed.  (a Baltimore delicacy... they are really just a fudge delivery vehicle, these cookies.)  The dreams are TOO weird.

But I wouldn't be surprised at this point if something just as outlandish came up, the way 'facts' dribble out of this story.

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Chris said...

Weird coincidence, but I had some Berger cookies yesterday evening, and also had weird dreams last night. Just not as odd as yours. More like "WTF? Made no sense!" But the damn/blessed cookies are habit-forming.