Thursday, March 8, 2012


Tam and Caleb are talking about generic guns they have gravitated, too.

Let me tell you a story. Another hobby of mine is antique handtools. Stanley made scores of varieties of planes to do various things. One of the niftiest is the Model #444 dovetail plane It's purpose is to make a groove in a board for a sliding dovetail. Neat! Thing is, there is no real way to hold onto the thing without hurting yourself (no really, you will bleed like a Mutha Hubbard, especially that second knuckle of your pushing hand). And it takes some serious finesse and skill to use it, otherwise (and then some). And there are plenty of other means available to make a sliding dovetail by hand. A plain old chisel is fine. If you have the skill to use a #444 effectively, you have the skill to do it with an inexpensive generic chisel.

Because of all this, they sold few #444's, as it was also complicated and expensive when new 60 years ago (it's not made today). The ones they did sell are found these days practically unused and in great condition, generally. So they command a high price when sold to handtool enthusiasts.

Do I want a #444? Yes. Would I ever USE a #444? No. It's neat. That's about it.

I'm sure there are interesting shovels out there. I dig holes with a regular one.  It's not a cheap shoddy shovel.  It's just regular.  It works.  Does the job. 

There are plenty of neat guns out there, too, that I'd love to have and play with. But I'd 'use' something a bit simpler for daily carry.

My guess is I am on the same page as both bloggers.

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That Guy said...

I understand WHY everyone seems to be agreeing on that, but it's just not me. I carry a beat to hell glock every once in a while, but I just love my 1911s and CZ guns. I take them for a stroll just as often.