Saturday, March 31, 2012


Researching candidates for the upcoming MD primary, down ticket.  Not much to see.

NONE of them have a prominent policy on the 2nd Amendment.  Well, except for Senator Ben Cardin. He's got a primary challenge from several hopefuls.  They appear to be trying to win by getting to the left of the Senator.  I didn't think that was POSSIBLE.

ONE of the Republicans wants to address Illegal Immigration by repealing the 14th Amendment.  Careful there buddy, there are parts of the 14th I really like.  Don't throw that baby out with the Immigration bathwater.  And there are quite a few Amendments ahead of it in line that need repealing...

Another candidate wants to eliminate the IRS (yay) and change over to gold and silver back currency (uh... you might want to think that one through a bit more.  Like answering the question, "Ok, and then what happens?...")
"1) We want money to maintain a stable domestic price level.
2) We want money to maintain a stable relationship against other currencies.
3) We want money to be freely convertible into goods, including other moneys."

I like number 1.  Hard money does 2 and 3.  Which is fine.  But I really like #1.


Chances of my district dumping Chris Van Hollen or my state dumping Ben Cardin are slim, tho.

I think I will pick all Ron Paul delegates for the convention.  I'd not vote for the Wookie, but I'd love to see a convention hall full of Ewoks.  And I'm not voting for Mitt.

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