Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look! Politics

A reasonable and intelligent commenter gets noticed by a major media organ of the Grand Old Party.  It's so easy to Pavlov the Stupid Party.  Any thing that can be angled toward Religion is seized up by the Republicans, and, guided by the Dems into said trap, they take their train right off the rails into that swamp.  Which would be fine, electorally, if a majority of the country shared the views.  I am dubious that they do, despite GOP protestations that the electorate must.  Ah well.

But the commenter gets to brass tacks.  The latest hoopla isn't really about the Patriarchy versus Women, or the Religious against those Godless Commies.  Not at it's heart.  It's about LIBERTY.

"There is no lack of access to contraception or attempt to restrict it. Any American can walk into any drug store in any State and buy whatever contraception they want. If they are poor, they can use Medicaid, various State programs, or Planned Parenthood."


"Contraception is a personal matter and should not be in the government domain... If they [liberals] insist that contraception is a government issue, they forfeit the right to invoke privacy rights about it."


"Americans should do whatever they want with regard to contraception, whether their religion plays a role in the decision or not, and the government should not force any company to offer it or any person to pay for it."

There you go.  And that whole Liberty thing?  Dovetails nicely with self-defense rights in the 2nd Amendment, and a few other things, don't it?  Like all those other items in the Bill of Rights.  And then some.

Take Gov't bloat.  Please.  Like rust on the iron ship of Freedom.  Like plaque in Lady Liberty's descending aorta.  Like a hair clog in the elbow trap waste pipe on the plumbing system of Self-Determination.

Maybe the Zombacalypse has already happened.  Just it's confined to Congress.  500 and some odd walking dead on that Hill at one end of the National Mall.  I see a time where Congress has a moratorium on new regs or legislation and just corrects old stuff and chops out the deadwood.  Then I wake up, disappointed, from that lovely dream. 

You wasted how many cycles on low flush terlets?  And declaring April 22nd National Lycra-Spandex Day or what have you?  When Social Security, from the 1930s and obvious to everyone broken for a long time, was just sitting right there?  RIGHT where you could see it? 

Well at least your approval rating is 11%.  That's the thing with eliminating regs.  It steps on toes of SOMEONE that kinda liked the law or rule.  So if they take it out their electoral popularity... goes down?  You mean single digit approval rates?  It can't go down much more.

And that applies to both parties, but Republicans have LIBERTARIAN Republicans in their midst that seem to mostly be ignored, so they have no excuse.  But the whole grand-damn party should know better.

It's Women's Freedom and Religious Liberty. (Or what have you, whatever the issue du jour.)

Not Women's Freedom and Religious Liberty.

Everyone wins and loses with the first, a coalition subset of the population wins and loses with the second.

[At least that's how I see it, and what has always guided and informed me, since Junior High.]


Old NFO said...

Good point!

MSgt B said...

Aye. A point well made.

Windy Wilson said...

Yes, good points, except the Zombie apocalypse is not contained within Congress, it has spread at least to the California legislature, where they are paralyzed with whatever because they cannot get it into their heads (can't say brains) that the state is in trouble and tax money is not an endless, ever increasing flow of goodies, like some kind of spring.