Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zombie Boot Camp Part 2

They've now expaned Zombie Boot Camp - they sold out in days (and even made CNN and Fox News) but their biggest 'get' was here.

They contacted me and wanted me to be the first to know that they've just launched their latest zombie experience… in an abandoned shopping mall outside London.

The catch? The mall is due to be demolished, so tickets are available for a limited period of time. In the meantime, it's theirs (and the zombies)!

The experience is designed like a movie. So think Hollywood-grade special effects and video game-style missions. Participants will be trained by police firearm specialists on the best way to take on the zombies.

Full details here.

(Yeah, yeah, I cribbed from their press release.  I so rarely even GET press releases.  It was sort of novel for me...)

A few things.  Why haven't we done this on THIS side of the pond?  We have dead malls, too, you know. 

The weapons are airsoft guns.  So, please, no Americans show up with actual firearms a this English mall outside of London.  The undead are actors.  A shot to the head is actually a crime... like manslaughter at least.  Just like Soylent Green, they are PEOPLE.  And re-killing them is not a favor you are doing to the few remaining living, uninfected humans on the planet.  These 'zombies' have families and dreams and mothers that love them.  Or Mums that love them.  It IS Britain.

Oh, and yes Britain is a basket case with regard to their basic natural human rights to keep and bear personal arms, but it's things like this, what with the survival scenarios and airsoft guns and a tangible simulated shamblor threat to experience...  Well it won't make them American Libertarian Firearms Enthusiasts (tm),  but it might make them scratch their head, go 'hmmmmm' and wish they hadn't chased Iain Harrison off their Island.  So a net positive.


45er said...

I don't get it either. Especially since I'm sure even airsoft is a bit touchy over there. That would be an absolute blast and I could have a half-dozen guys there tomorrow for something like this. It's a ton of money waiting to be made. I was able to train with simunitions in the local hospital just before it was torn down. That kind of thing must be jumped on when the opportunity arises.

Old NFO said...

LOL, that 'could' be fun with the right group...

JB Miller said...

Paintball guns! With red paintballs!