Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CCW Shall Issue

I'm jazzed now.  I am very glad I ordered a new holster from Milt Sparks a couple months ago.

I think I will try to apply for a CCW.  I may get in before the window in case the state appeals and get's an emergency stay on the ruling.  Not sure.  We still have to wait for the dust to settle.  Dunno if they'd vacate my permit while the case appeals.  If it appeals.   

I'm not even familiar with how to actually DO it.  Not expecting to ever fruitfully apply I am not versed on the procedure.  Prolly need to secure a passport photo and some fingerprints.  Wonder if they will accept one I bring in or will the State Police wanna do it? See?  Things like that I have to find out.

Lessee... I need a couple passport photos, 1.5" square, three fingerprint cards (one orange and white CJIS-011 card and one blue and white FBI applicant card bearing the code "ORI-MDMSP6000." These can be obtained at your local Maryland State Police barracks), three references from people that aren't your mother.   Plus the application. And I bet they want a cashiers check, too.

Except they might accept other types of fingerprint cards, now?  No wait...  So confusing.  It's $75 if the state cop shop does my fingerprints with the electronic scan.  $112 if they do paper.

Hmm, they take personal checks.


Secret Squirrel said...

Do it quick, they're changing the fingerprinting standards. The Golden Ring barracks wouldn't even give me a set of cards to take with me.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Is that really a bad thing? It just means I have to get fingerprinted by them there. I'd almost prefer that.

Sebastian said...

Been through the process many times now, after a long public fight. Would be happy to offer whatever advice I can.


Laura said...

Secret Squrrel, you're in Golden Ring?

i wonder if you're the guy i keep seeing at the gym in the Wounded Warriors shirt...

Fiftycal said...

Check out this post and the Shall Issue Maryland.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Did Judge Legg say in his Ruling that the Maryland Law was instantly Null and Void, or did he Stay it until Appeals are done? If he Stayed it, then you're still under the Old Regime. If it's Immediately Null and Void, RUN! Leave Work! Quit Blogging!

Who KNOWS what kind of Shenanigans are taking place even as we speak? Besides, the Line for the Permits should start wrapping around the Block very soon. Just look at what happened in Wisconsin a few weeks back.

Oh, and feel free to use me as a Reference. Let the Bureaucrats EARN their Pay by tracking me down in Ohio.

FightinBluHen51 said...

Please note that if you are out of state, Maryland (and the FBI) will still accept finger print cards.

This is NOT an MSP conspiracy from what I am reading / seeing, it is an FBI change (since they handle the printing process).

FightinBluHen51 said...

Bubblehead Les,

Legg did not issue a stay. I am kinda waiting to see if the 4th will stay it pending the hearing and the appeal. If they do not, I will be submitting my app as well.

Only the ruling District Judge, the Circuit, or as an emergency, SCOTUS can issue a stay. Even then, application of the ruling has to be overly burdensome with a compelling state interest, and the appeal party has to prove that they stand a good chance of winning.

I somehow doubt that Maryland AG Dougy Gansler will be doing his best Charlie Sheen impression.