Saturday, March 3, 2012


So the choice now is between a Massachusetts Democrat with good hair and an R after his name, and THIS (bottom picture) internet joke for the nomination?

I really don't think re-instating the anti-sodomy laws are going to help the economy, bring fiscal sanity to the Federal Government, or secure Our Blessing of Liberty.

(what about Ron Paul, T-Bolt?!  Ron Paul is not going to be nominated.  Even if he took a pill to take away the crazier aspects and make him more palatable.  Gingrich, neither, methinks.)

No Rick, that is exactly how traditional American conservatives post 1980 view the world, really.  You are thinking of the Puritan tradition and busybody instinct that all Americans, when properly reflective, try to tamp down.  Goldwater's thoughts aren't perfect, but they are a damn sight better.


Robert Fowler said...

We could use some people like Goldwater about now. Mittens is a scumbag. I don't trust him with my rights. Too bad the only other option is the scumbag that is the current occupant. It's not looking good for the USA.

Old NFO said...

I'd even vote for a Zombie Goldwater... sigh

Bubblehead Les. said...

Zombie Chester A. Arthur is looking Good to me....

For ANY Campaign Managers who might Stumble Across this site, here's a lesson you need to impart to your Candidate: You DON'T Piss Off the 80% of the Registered Voters in November by trying to get the 20% of the Base in the Primaries. This is the 21st. Century. EVERYTHING is on the Internet, and NONE of it "Magically Disappears" after the Convention. If you think you'll win by getting the 80% of your Base pissed off, PLUS the 80% of the 'Murican People, you don't deserve to get 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

God, they're GIVING Obama Four More Years.

Roberta X said...

I'd happily vote for "Zombie to be named later," if I thought it would shrink government and get spending under control.

Joecephus said...

Zombie Goldwater 2012.

Thanks for the link, btw.