Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The American Bar Association has come out for repeal of any and all Stand Your Ground laws.


Of course they have.  They are a reliably liberal partisan organization.  They use the cover of racial justice to justify the position, but supposedly there are more black defendants relying on SYG defenses, so that isn't really it.  It's about the control part of gun control that is deep in Leftist DNA at this point.  (I say Leftist, but Righties can swing that way pretty easy and quickly if they want.  You gotta WATCH em.  Damn politicians.)

You have a right to defend yourself.  Pulling back on SYG is a step backwards.  We are civilized people, or try to be.


Totally disconnected with Stand Your Ground laws, because his case had nothing at all to do with them... NOTHING...  George Zimmerman is a gaping asshole that appears to constantly invite a comeuppance.  He has a new twitter account.  And absolutely no class whatsoever.   One morning I am gonna read about a terrfic beat down that man experienced, shrug my shoulders, move to the next story, and continue to eat my breakfast.


Old NFO said...

Lawyers losing money... THAT is at the core of the issue.

Windy Wilson said...

I stopped giving money to the American Bar Assoc in 1998. Scum.