Thursday, September 17, 2015

O'Malley's Gun Proposals

He just wants to duplicate what Maryland has on a national level.

Lemme tell you the new things you'll have to go through, because I am just going through is now.

I can't wait around for Mance v Holder to wend it's way around, I need to buy a 1911 Caspian frame now.  Otherwise I'd not play by this state's rules.  When Mance prevails I'll just buy pistols and ARs in Virginia and screw Maryland. 

But for now.

Well, I already have any gun I bought in Maryland, and particularly pistols, known and registered in the State.  That's nothing new.  But when O'Malley is president and gets this legislation passed, all your future purchases will be in the ATF database.  But that's no hangup.

You are gonna need a federal gun purchase permit/license.  The one in Maryland now costs fifty something.

But to get that you will need to get fingerprinted, first.  I just did that.  I figure the Navy and Utah and Virginia have fingerprinted me, Maryland can to.  That was $52.75.

So I am already in $100 and no license yet.  I got to wait until the state goes through the approval process.

Now, because I HAVE a pistol the state knows about, when I applied for a pistol purchase permit I simply gave them the serial number of the last pistol I bought.  No bigs.  I didn't give up anything.  If I had inherited Grandpa's 1911 collection from the war, and told the state one of those serial numbers, well, that would be a shame.  But I didn't inherit nuthin so, again, nothing is given away.

Another alternative is to show the state military honorable discharge paperwork.

Or, if I was 22 years old and this was my first gun... There is a training requirement.  So, the cost of a Maryland specific gun class.  Lucky for you, President O'Malley hasn't seen fit to make that a requirement for the Federal regulations.

This training requirement is just setting the bar higher to discourage people from getting their first gun.

That cost is just add on.  As you can see, I am already in this for $100, and that is the cheapest minimum hurdle.  It's purpose is to kill the gun culture.  And probably some people who are in legitimate danger from a new situation where they are being targeted over time by a human predator.

Other costs you aren't considering to raise the bar on purchasing that first gun?  He doesn't say this but what it is in Maryland are gun locks.  Expensive one.  Not just a cable that goes down the barrel.  An internal chamber lock, like this one.   Those aren't free.  Add $20 to the cost of your gun.  He likes microstamping, too.  Add the cost of that per gun.  He doesn't mention smart gun technology, but you know he'd like to pile on that expense.

So that kid's first Glock to protect his young family from home invaders has $200 added to the price tag already.  That's a 50% tax.  Why bother.

Why bother?  That's O'Malley's point.  Discourage/kill the gun culture, slowly, over time.  2 generations of people officially discouraged from buying guns and maybe some future O'Malley can get a gun confiscation bill through ala Britain.   President O'Malley legacy.

Or some other gun banning president if not him.

Lucky for us, gun control still doesn't poll that way.

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