Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's broke

Now you are liable.  Well, 'liable.'  Don't expose yourself to legal jeopardy I am saying. 

So, ethical quandary.  A known unsafe revolver was loaned to me for education purposes.  The hammer can fall in single action by looking at it cross eyed and not touching the trigger.  Now I took it apart and know why.  It's not MORE broken because of me.  Same broken.  But I was the last one under the hood, so to speak. 

But if I give it back to MBtGE without fixing it, and he has an ND with it.  Technically, he can muddy the water and blame me in a court of law.  I don't think he would, but if the case was more generic and it was Joe Blow instead of him, I am not so sure. 

The gunsmith, Sam, recommends disabling the pistol.  Not permanently, but enough MBtGE would have to do something to return it to the original state that he leant it to me as. 

I could take out the main spring.  Easy to replace.  In fact, I am going to show him where it is broke by showing him how to take a revolver apart.  Then help him re-assemble.  But let HIM finish re-assembly.  Pay the information forward and absolve me of responsibility.

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Windy Wilson said...

Then write him a letter, describing the problem, how you showed it to him and disassembled it, and how you told him to get it fixed as he reassembled it in front of you. Closing with a reminder to get it fixed. Nice and chatty. No need to be heavy-handed and lawerly. And keep a copy. Even what you described cannot completely prevent dueling "he said's" in the event of injury.