Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dead Zone

I like movies that captured the 'feel' of the 1980s.  At least to me.  My experience.  Might not be anyone else's.  Normal 80s.  Not the excess.  No the hockey hair.  Maybe it's just the technology of the cameras and film then.  The 1970s have the look of 16mm and orange lighting.  The 80s looks like Hoosiers.  Or The Dead Zone.

Re-watched dead zone.  I love seeing the décor of the serial murderer's house.  It's the house from Christmas Story, but decades later, and worn, and run down, with a heap of evil. 

But, all this time, I thought the rifle Christopher Walken used in movie was a sporterized Springfield 1903.  Was I ever wrong.  It's actually a sporterized Mauser K98.  I knew I was wrong as soon as I glimpsed the button on the buttstock.

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