Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jews and Guns

Blog post on the subject over at CJN.

You know my theories.  It's because they are metro.  Jews that emigrated to the US landed in urban areas and generally stayed.

Not a lot of Jewish dairy farmers impacting the in-group culture.  Because there aren't many of them, and because there is less networking in relatively uncrowded areas.

Ah, but what of the farmer's children, that absorb rural value along with Talmudic tradition that then move back to the city?

Again, fewer numbers. 

So, the tendency is toward Metrocons.  Or, more likely, Metrolibs.  And guns, in their experience, are only carried by police and criminals. Metro means a tendency to dislike firearms.

Again, there is nothing wrong with being metro, per se.  It's just an environment and would inform anyone's worldview.

Naturally, as with any big group, there are subsets that are the exception.  And a subset that is growing, thankfully.

(I know this can be a touchy subject, any time religion is brought up.  I tried to speak plainly and it was never my intention to offend.  None of it was offered with any rancor, even if the generalizations were a bit sweeping. Well, except to leftists, but that's non denominational rancor.)

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