Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shotguns, a look back

If I could do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I never would have looked at semi's or pump shotguns.

I mean they are nice and all.  And my Remington Model 11 are cool because of the designer and because of it's place in history.

But they just take up space in the safe.  And have extra fiddly bits that can break. 

To do it over again... I'd learn more about shotties and choose a double.

"Why a double, T-Bolt, the single has even fewer fiddly bits"

Because I am fumble-bum and need the mulligan of the second barrel!

Anyhoo.  A simple utilitarian double.  And I'd even now need more edumacation.  Choke tubes trying to maximize utility?  I have no idea how them work.  Or from the factory choke.  Or proper stock fit. 

I still know very little about shotfuns.

I do kinda know that over-under and plain Jane?  Those two don't seem to go together.  I could be wrong.  And side by side?  New?  Those are too plain Jane.  Hi-Points of new doubles.  I could also be wrong there.

Maybe after I learned about doubles I'd go back to the Model 11.

Isn't this double is fascinating, but not really what I am looking for.  I want common/rugged/utilitarian, not rare/interesting/wild-card.


abnormalist said...

so the best "plane jane" O/U double I know of is probably the Fausti Field Model 1. A bunch of them were imported for Traditions a few years back pre Euro when the Lira was on the slide.

Great double guns, removable chokes, wonderful lock work, and SOLID solid guns. Can be had for around 750 or so today, but if you find a deal under 600 snag it. I picked one up from a local pawn shop who didnt know what it was (its Italian, but its not Benelli... price it above the turkish guns) for $450. Couldn't leave it there at that price.

Other good options are the Mossberg silver reserve and some of the CZs. Otherwise a cheap O/U is an exercise in dealing with a PITA gun. One of my friends has a stoeger that will sometimes go off as the safety is removed, and has doubled a few times (both barrels going off on one trigger pull)

I know some of those that work great, but its very much the luck of the draw, either its fine, or its junk. Most are probably fine, but with my luck...

abnormalist said...

On that note, I dont have a LOT of shotguns like some folks I know.

I have an older 1960s 1100 12 gauge
a Mossberg 500 (new vintage) 12 gauge
a 1950s stevens 336 (16 sxs)
and the Fausti.

Each has its place, and they're all alot of fun. The one that comes out the most though is probably the 500 just because I don't have to care about it. Its not my grandpas gun, its not got fancy engraving that I dont want to bang up, its not a sweet gun from anyones golden era, its not anything special so I just don't worry.

If it falls in the water out of the duck boat I'm out $250. If I forget to clean it up after a foggy fall hunt, or chasing bunnies in the snow and it gets some rust I dont care. If it gets swiped outta the back of the car, I'm out $250... Its utilitarian, which I think is the best part of a shotgun. I can stick a rifled barrel on it with a scope, or a field barrel, or a shorty and it does all of em all equally well.

If you're only going to own one shotgun, make it a cheaper pump. Its worth it in the long run even if you have nicer fancier guns.

Angus McThag said...

I have a 12ga 870 because I think every gun owner should own a shotgun.

Not because I have a use for one and shot it regularly.