Thursday, September 24, 2015

Half a Loaf

Everyone that still blogs and cares about court cases have already commented on the DC Circuit ruling in Heller III.  Sebastian is just one of many and I use as an example.

Good and bad.  DC is too strict, according the judges, but Maryland and Massachusetts and California style regimes would be just fine if they extended to all 50 states.

You do not want your state to turn into my state.

We really need to nail the 'strict scrutiny' jello to the wall to finally get out of the woods.  For that we need a SCOTUS justice or two more in our favor.  I don't think Hillary will give us that, so remind me not to vote for her.  Jeb! won't either.  He has as much as told us so.

Who among the candidate would slam dunk nominate a strict scrutiny on 2A SCOTUS justice?  Despite their actual chances.  Rand and Cruz, yes, definitely.  Trump if he was nominating today.  Who knows how he'll think next year, his position varies over time.  Jindal, Rudio, Carson?  I feel about as confident in them as I am in Jeb.  Bernie is slightly more likes than Hill or O'Malley.  But that isn't saying much.  Dunno about Carly.   

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Angus McThag said...

I despair of ever getting an actual bona fide pro-gun president.

The best we've had in my lifetime has been not-anti-gun; but never actually pro-gun.