Saturday, September 12, 2015

Media Bias

When this was reported the headline was "Shooting in Union Station."

You read the article.  A security guard shot a man that was stabbing his lady friend.

The story isn't the 'shooting.'  But the headline makes you think it is.  "OH NOES!  Ima get shot if I ride the Metro Red Line downtowns!!!!1!!1!!eleven"

Do you NOT want security guards to drop rampaging maniacs?  Just let them keep stabbing folks?  Exploit every angle to drum up outrage over increasing 'gun violence?'  As if gun violence is the important part of the story even if the violence is protective versus predatory.

And WTOP is the closest thing to capital O Objective news round 'ere.

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Windy Wilson said...

As William F. Buckley said, there is a important distinction between pushing little old ladies into the paths of trains and pushing them out of the paths of trains. Impaired ability to make vital distinctions is considered mental illness.