Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MD Compliant

There is a new tab on the Smith and Wesson website.  Maryland compliant guns.

I've always seen those up there for CA and MA sales, but, once again, Maryland has to be yanked from class and put in with the "Special" states.  Like 'wears a helmet all the time' special.   'Hugs for everyone at the end of the foot race' special.

I can get AR type rifles that shoots .22lr, or I can get AR10 type rifles that shoot .308, but no AR15 type guns in poodle-hunting caliber.

HA!  If Jeff Cooper were alive he might even half approve.  "You didn't need .223 anyway!"

Don't tell anyone in my state about the relative effectiveness of an AR10 compared to the AR15.  You'll just scare my legislators.

I still need to figure out if it is kosher for me to get an AR15 stripped lower.  Because we are allowed to get an heavy barrel AR15 for varminting, ya know.  Or do I have to buy the HBAR, toss the upper, and roll my own preference?  Seems expensive. 

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ASM826 said...

How about AR pattern rifles in .300 Blackout? 6.5 Grendel? .50 Beowulf? 7.62x39?

The options go on and on.