Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Range mag

So, I tested the 7+1 system with my 1911 last week.

I've never had any luck loading 8 in the magazine.  And 8+1 suffered the same issues.  With McCormick mags, mind you.  But I have never specifically tested loading the mags with only 7 and getting a round in the chamber before hand with a magazine loaded with just a single.

THIS worked without even a hiccup.  Enough so I could concentrate on the important stuff:  Frontsite, Press.

Anyway.  7+1.  I am comfortable with that now.  And I am still loving my homebrewed custom gun.

Same accuracy tho.  You can tell this is two mags, one with hollow point and one with FMJ.  I would have trimmed off the bottom if I had managed to get all the shots at least in the yellow..  Dammit.


Have you noticed Tam's targets are getting smaller and smaller holes in the center of her targets lately?  She's been tortured testing some pistols with donated ammo and going to the range a LOT.

Me?  I had my trigger squeeze epiphany a year or two ago and my results improved dramatically.  But not as good as Tam is.

And I am not famous enough to drag down ammo donations in job lots.

But no matter.   I can get my own ammo.  That's not the issue.  The issue is the self discipline to go 3 times a week for months and months.  THAT's what I need to do.  And see then if my results get to be like hers.  I gotta check my sofa cushions to see where I misplaced my Giddyup.

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JayNola said...

I'm so jealous of Tam's lunch break visits to the range now that she's back slinging gats.