Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flashlights on Gun Blogs

First Tam, then SebastianUncle.

This is mine.  A Streamlight Protac with 2 AAA batteries, about the same size as a largish pen.

Sure, it doesn't throw 4500 lumens around, But it does have 80.  Which is as much as the twice as fat flashlights I paid three times as much for 8 years ago

So it's thinner, fits in a pocket like a pen, it's pretty cheap for what you get, and, and here is something odd...  You can put it in your mouth like a cigar.  I go to the side between cheek and gums.  I am more hesitant to do so with fatter flashlights.

Ok, I admit that's a bit odd, yes.  But, the light goes where I look and both my hands are free to hold a weapon in the normal way, or work a door know, or what have you.

My mouth, at times, becomes a third hand all because of the size of the flashlight.  You can still do all the standard pistol-and-flashlight gun fu, but you can also do the mouth thing.

This could have been done in the 1970s, with the tiny anemic penlights they had then, but not with this much light.  And you weren't gonna put a 3 D cell maglite in your mouth, certainly.

Stop looking at me like that.  It's stupid, but it works, so it isn't stupid.  Right?

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