Wednesday, January 27, 2016

.22TCM funness

Rock Island Armory has really upped their game.  It's a Philippino 1911 maker under the Armscor umbrella, if you didn't know.  It looks like they are trying to improve their reputation by concentrating on the quality. 

Anyway, the Gunsmiths brother bought one of their .22 TCM chambered 1911s.  It comes with a 9mm barrel, and the magazines are interchaneable, but the little necked cartridge is a screaming round. 

While we file away on our builds, HE is doing a trigger job.  Also the ambi safety is just awful from the factory.  Huge and clunky.  Easily remedied tho.   He was lucky.  The facotry sear was salvageable.  It only needed 5 minutes of work to go from 40% or less engagement with the hammer hooks to 99.5%.     

But that .22TCM is an interesting little round.  Screaming fast.  Low recoil in a heavy all metal pistol.  Parent case is the 5.56.  Like that Remington Jet round, but easier to roll your own at home and not so...  tapered.  Necked down cases feed better, as you'd suspect.  And when there is a run on ammo, this is one of the varieties that stay on the shelf.  But, I guess, if pressed, you can make these on the reloading bench from your .223 brass.  As I mentioned, it comes with an addtional 9mm barrel, so all your bases are covered.


.45ACP+P said...

It is an interesting round. I have, however, NEVER seen it on a shelf anywhere. Still, I am curious about shooting it.

Mike W. said...

Saw plenty of .22TCM on the shelf this past weekend at the Cabelas in DE. No idea what the price was though.