Friday, January 8, 2016


Remember when the Illuminati and the Lizardoids were really pushing for RFID scanning technology to better keep tabs on us Sheeple?  WHat, 12-15 years ago?  Good times, good times.

Of course they don't need to devote the resource to that effort anymore.  Why bother concentrating on that if you are practically inviting them along by carrying that phone with you everywhere you go. 

(If you are reading this in the stall, stop scrolling, wipe, zip up and go.  Wash yer hands first.)

Shoes are the one thing they still actively track.  It was easy, what with plates in the floor close to the chip.  Plus it's reliable.  Who shares shoes with other people?  You will wear your boyfriends hoodie, you will carry your wife's purse, but you don't even share shoes with your twin, generally.  More reliable to track shoes.  But few people go out shopping in public anymore. 

And that is why all my new clothes and shoes go in the microwave for a good 6 seconds when I first get them.

No, I have never owned a cell phone.  Just set up a rotary in my living room, though. 

My problem is, I am NOT trackable.  That is more noticeable than being one of the horde.  I am more toid in the punchbowl instead of needle in the haystack.  It attracts that big Eye of Sauron.  So if my personality suddenly changes, I have been snatched up and replace by a doppelganger.  Beware!  You could be next! 

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