Friday, January 22, 2016

Gun Build, Barrel to Bushing

You know how on YOUR 1911 the barrel fits in the bushing and the bushing fits in the slide, easy peasy? (Well, for 90% of you)

Well, I don't have that.  Neither of those.  It is an oversize bushing.  I have to reduce both the inside and outside diameter.  Inside so there is zero play for the barrel, but also no binding or flexing.  Outside so it requires a hammer and a vise and a bushing wrench to remove.

Yes, that tight. 

"But how do I field strip it to clean it, T-Bolt?  And then put it back together?  In the field."

Well you don't NEED the bushing and barrel out of the slide to clean it.  You just need all three off of the frame.  And there is a way to remove the slide stop pin to do so, and then reassemble, all under spring tension.  We learned that in the Basic Course.  Didn't need to do that with the factory gun, but we learned it then.  Just in case we took THIS class

So you chuck up the mandrel with your bushing on it in a mandrel and put that in a drill press you don't care about because there will be lateral forced that ruin drill press bearings.  (A lathe would be better)

It looks like this:

DO NOT turn it on with the slide on there.  Oh good Lord... 

You apply a file to the slideless bushing, or sandpaper and smooth down that over size bushing.  Turn off the press and test fit with the slide like the picture.  Remove slide and continue smoothing if necessary.

TIGHT fit. 

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