Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fitment follow up

It rocked side to side.  Not up and down, nor did it roll.

The fix?  Squeeze the slide together in a vise.  Then go through the fitting process again.  Mark file test clean. Mark file test clean.

There is a specialty jig for this squeezing process. 

This took all class on Saturday, and a good part on Sunday, after starting the process the previous Sunday and doing a few hours of homework during the week. 

The second time around, after correcting some galling in the lapping process...  Better fit.  No side to side, nor up and down, nor roll.

Like I mentioned a bit before, the biggest threat is breaking off the little tab where the thumb safety cut out is.  Get to the end of this process to NOW, without hurting that, and you have it made.  It is no longer in much danger.  Good, because new slide are expensive with a long lead time to get.

Next up... barrel and bushing fit to the slide.  


Old NFO said...

Whew!!! Glad you got through that!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The next hard part is barrel to barrel lugs