Friday, January 29, 2016

Time Travel.

If you could time travel, say, back to the time between the wars.  And live a life starting then.  You wouldn't need to get a rifle.  You KNOW what happends from 1916 - 2016.  And no emergency happens that require minute man type action except in very small, local, and specific situations for a very short time. 

Pistols, on the other hand... Get a pistol and spare.  For everything else, shotgun and a spare.  A thutty thutty might do you just fine for that.

A big reason to get an AR (besides entertainment) is for unknowable future emergencies where you would need it.  But if the next 100 playes out like the last hundred, you won't. 
Oh, there is another reason to own one, I suppose.  As a deterrent so you WON'T need it.  If the politicians know they are out there...  Less likely to get much of a burr under their saddle oppressing the masses, eh?

But it's just you, thrust back 100 years.  You, specifically, can save your money and just buy a coupla pistols.


Critter said...

I would buy IBM at 6.

ASM826 said...

I would buy 1927 Thompsons. Not because I would ever need one. Because they are fun. And they will appreciate in value far beyond stocks.

In 1930, you could buy them in hardware stores or by mail. It was in a country we do not have anymore.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"I got save junk pre 1964 silver coinage for when the gov't collapses!" Well, not til after 2016.