Monday, January 4, 2016

Gun Control

So Obama is going to unilaterally write pass and execute some gun control laws any day now.  Gun control 'lite' as he has fully figured out how to get away with short circuiting the rest of gov't and assuming dictatorial power.

(If any GOPer win in November job one should be render null and void the previous eight years of Executive Orders.)

Anyway... Gun control.  Will Obamas rules be annoying or just something we can ignore right now?  Or, even better, something we can ignore at no risk?

Which do I hope for? Well, what if we gunnies don't have the voting clout we think we have?  We go all in and Hillary wins... we aren't just done because of SCOTUS picks.  We are done because we don't swing elections.  The other side will no longer fear us.  Our side will go wobbly.   Which, unfortunately, 'Our Side' means just the one party again.

We go all in and are credited with pulling the election our way?  Maybe Dems start going back to unfriendly toward gun control, and the Snd Amendment becomes bipartisan again.   We need election where the NRA get's a pro gun Democrat elected in a majority Republican district but with a pro gun control GOP incumbent.  But that's for later.  Worry about that later.

What do we do today and tomorrow?

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