Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gun Smithing Odd & Ends

Things I have learned.

The grip screw bushings you get from VZ Grips?  The slot is very thin.  You might need to modify one of you turnscrews or buy an extra thin one special.

ALWAYS use the right screw driver for the job when gun smithing.  The right one seperates the decent armorers from the fuddle-thumbs n00b because the the newbie always mungs up the screws.

Caspian makes pretty good stuff.  It isn't perfect.  Our class of 6 had some issues.  Now we ordered our stuff at the same time, so our run was probably all together.  So we see tooling mark issues and they are the same on all the similar parts.  The frames, for instance, had a little shelf on the 'negative' groove caused by a warn cutter.  This required all of us to file the crap out of it.

Brownells isn't perfect either.  If a part is out of spec and you send it back to get a new one, YES Brownells will instantly help you with that.  It's one of the great thing about them.  But sometimes they will restock your part when you return it, then turn around and grab a part out of the same bin to send back to you...  How do we know?  It still had the price sticker from the shop on the bag.  It happens.  Most people aren't as picky about the parts as we.

Those are NOT beefs!  Both are good companies, obviously.  Plus no one does it better.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  Won't hesitate to be a customer again.

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