Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The gunnies at work talk about guns too much.  And too loudly.

I avoid that because there are strangers one cube over, and maybe they are calling HR and saying they feel threatened?  This is Maryland, after all.  Bad things could happen to your paycheck.  You could be totally in the right and bad things can happen to your paycheck. 

So I keep it down to a dull roar.

I appreciate the loud gun talker in one way.  They are my canaries in a coal mine.  They will get fired for talking guns on the job before I do.  If you look around your office and you don't know your various canaries, then maybe you are the canary.  It applies to other things.  "Oops, my microwave popcorn is burnt a little.  I hope that doesn't bother anyone and cause friction... Wait, Frank reheats fish in the microwave every other day, if he can get away with that I can have a popcorn issue twice a year."

Another problem with gun talk? All the derp.  I bite my tongue with that.  And also do not engage.  There is no fixing one guy.  "My XD is safe because it is too hard to rack the slide.  So my 10 year old that pitches little league doesn't have the strength..." "Uhhhh, that might no be-" "DON'T TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY SON!" "Ok."

So, another reason I only talk guns at work on the QT with select folks.  The guy with the XD above might overhear the talk if we do it near him and inject himself into the conversation.  He is that sort of person. 


Mike W. said...

We had a meet & greet webinar with a bunch of new employees elsewhere in the country. Even though most of them are in the South, I did NOT mention guns, shooting, the 2A etc. among my hobbies. The folks at work who know me well know I'm a gunnie, but otherwise? Otherwise I keep my head down. Better safe than sorry.

Jeff said...

Yes, let's just all be ashamed of ourselves and our Constitution, shall we?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's got NOTHING to do with the Constitution. Nothing.

He's full of derptastic Biden-esque advice, too, John. He own a pump shotgun, but no shells. He is gonna use the racking sound to scare off home invaders.