Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Glock Mystery

On more than a few occasions I have noticed new shooters, offered a plethora of pistols to shoot.  Like all the 9mm pistols.  Here is an old Luger, and a S&W M&P, and this SIG 226, and this crappy XDm, and a Glock 17...

At the end of the range trip an inordinate number express displeasure with the Glock.


Why pick on Glock?

I also do not like the Glock much.  And I have no idea why. 

Of course there are Glockophiles.  MBtGE is one, certainly.  The SIRT gun I am training on is Glock, yes, but that's a simulator. 

In fact I am hoping the simulator training is making me more brand neutral.  Making the models less Talisman, more tool.  It is one of my primary objectives, yes.  You can still love your 1911 and shoot a Glock as well as anything is sort of the point. 

But that still doesn't answer the disproportionate amount of Glock hate from people unexposed to gun bulletin board dramas. 

They'll say "the Sig grip is too big" or "that little one seemed to have too much kick," but with the Glock it's "I just didn't like it."

It's a mystery, and one I'd like to solve.

If I did magically 'solve' it, I don't imaging that would impact the product line much.  Even if my name was Gaston.  The design is established, and unless a change is a small one I don't see it being made for a Gen 5 offering.


W. Fleetwood said...

FWIW. On every Glock I've ever fired the bottom of my trigger finger rubs against the textured interior of the trigger guard. This has nothing to do with the pistols functioning and doesn't seem to impact my shooting but it does seem to fall into the "I just don"t like it." box.

Q. How many hippies does it take to change a light bulb?

A. We'll probably never know, They're all standing around looking at the old bulb saying "Wow, man, where'd the light go?".

Laura said...

Glocks have a lack of ergonomics and that dog dick trigger. i have never felt comfortable shooting one.

.45ACP+P said...
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.45ACP+P said...

I shoot Glocks just fine when given the opportunity. They feel wrong in my hand. I think it is the finger spacings. Shot a custom one or two and they (without the finger grooves) felt much better. I usually shoot German polymer in a double stack .45 that usually gets compared to a 2x4. IT feels fine in my hand.

Angus McThag said...

It's the finger nubs for most people I've tried out on a Glock.

They like my Gen2, and hate the Gen3.

Critter said...

I like Glock just fine: it sits in my hand at the correct grip angle, points well and functions flawlessly. It is not a family heirloom, like my collection of Remington Model 8's, but a specialized tool that does just what I need it to. Other than that it holds no nostalgic place in my heart.

Arthur said...

I was offered a chance to shoot a whole range of Glocks in various calibers at the range and I didn't shoot any of them well. They felt awkward in my hand and it was a struggle to make decent hits. I couldn't tell you what the exact problem was but they just didn't work for me.

The first handgun I actually purchased myself was a carbon slide Sig, and I still find the old school versions more comfortable, better pointing and easier to shoot accurately than anything else I've tried. I really wish Glocks did work for me because you can find mint examples for dirt cheap prices compared to used Sigs.

riverrider said...

feels like a 2x4, slide looks like it was half finished, blocky. it works,i have one, still don't like it, but its in my shtf kit b/c it does shoot and has the most rounds. its a no frills gen 3 g17 that i paid 250 bucks for. but i'd rather shoot about any other gun i own than that g17.

abnormalist said...

Honestly for me, I always felt like I had to work harder on a glock to get the same results.

They go bang, they put holes where they are aimed, but the never "felt" right to me. Same as a browning buck mark, a friends EAA witness (Sadly, I really WANTED to like that gun), polish p64 (makarovs dont have this issue for whatever reason), and a few others.

Add in that glocks are ugly, and you get a hate cult :-D

Old 1811 said...

I think there's a lot of Ludditism in the "I hate Glocks" cult. It boils down to "It's not what I'm used to, I don't like it, and I'm too lazy to bother to learn it."
The human hand is a marvelous thing. I'm not especially dexterous, yet I can safely and effectively handle a fork, a chainsaw, a softball, a shovel, a hammer, a Brown Bess, a 1911, a Single Action Army, and a Glock. (Not all at the same time.)
By the way, I don't routinely carry a Glock. I'm an Old Revolver Cop, yet I can shoot pretty much any modern pistol well, because I've taken the time to learn it. You can, too, if you decide you're going to.

Tam said...

Working in places with walls or cases full of rental guns and watching first time shooters try and buy new guns all the time, I can't say I've noticed this thing of which you speak. *shrug*

Sendarius said...

For me, it's the grip angle.

JMB apparently put some effort into measuring the appropriate angle between line-of-bore and line-of-grip on the 1911, and for me it works - on the Glock, not so much.