Saturday, January 2, 2016

Future Shock

I took my time playing Fallout 4 before going through to the end of the 'plot'.  I was enjoying it, I wanted to savor it.

It still hasn't darkened my nostalgia for the 50s, though the game is "Alternate timeline 1950s" styling.

I want the stuff SciFi wanted in the 1950s.  Not just the stereotypical Jet Packs, Flying Cars, and Electricity Too Cheap to Meter.  Because what is Science concentrating on now?  Global Warming fraud, and new Boner Pills.  Super Gonorhea and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis shouldn't even be a concept we have in our minds in 2015.  All those resources wasted in Climate Change Command Economy scam support wouldn't have happened if not diverted there by initial vestiges of our Command Economy.  A monster that feeds itself.  You'd think we'd have learned, for all time, from 1989.

But it's not just that.  Even without socialism politics leaks into science.  Atoms for Peace being one, and part of the 50s tech nostalgia, too.  And the Boner Pills are pure capitalism.  Science researches that because that is where the money is. 

But there is money in Thorium reactors.  And fusion.  And asteroid mining.  And the Kitchen of the future with a Robut Butler.  Ok, we DO have door that open by themselves.  Even a pessimist's like Huxley's vision.

And practical Gauss Pistols for personal arms...  We don't have them yet.

Firearm engineering technology hasn't really gotten TOO much beyond the 50s.  They sure tried in the 60s, with sabot stuff and gyrojets, but... Nada.

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