Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fellow Blogger

I like Earth Bound Misfit, the blogger.  We share a lot of interests.  Guns, of course.  We were both Squids.  I like the subjects of cats, old steam trains, aviation, what constitures proper naval ship construction, that our gummint can be a bit too tyrannical...  Her sea stories are much much better than mine.

Never met her.

In a social situation we'd get along like a house on fire, I'm betting.

As long as we both purposely avoid political discussion.  You see, she's a Pinko.  Probably a full blown Red.  And I am not.  Quite the opposite.  Like the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.  Only moreso. 

And that's ok.  That vast ideological divide.  I'm not marrying her, or going halfsies on a dry cleaning business, or choosing her as my Lieutenant Governor in my race for the Annapolis Statehouse.  There are plenty of other conversational fish to fry before we'd have to get around to the pluses and minuses of dialectical materialism.

I don't peruse her blog to find out what she thinks of Rick Perry (generally agin him, as you'd guess)

Plus, it seems we are both adults.  And we don't have to talk politics EVERYWHERE.  Sometimes you should just enjoy the Absinthe.

Let folks hate each other for different reasons for one:

EB-Misfit:  "You are so ugly, looking at your face actually hurts my eyes."

NJT: "Oh yeah?  Well your breath could knock the buzzards off a honey wagon."

EB-Misfit:  "Another round?"

NJT: "Make it a double."

(I have no clue as to the general status of Earth Bound Misfits halitosis, or even if it exists at all.  Example provided for demonstration purposes only.  Do no eat the dissicant packet.  Offer not valid in Alaska Hawaii or Puerto Rico.  Your mileage may vary.)