Tuesday, January 12, 2016

H Words

For some reason every few months I try to think of the family that was the head of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the name will not come to fore in my head.

I know it's an H word.  I usually settle on Hohenzollern, but that's not right.  I remember they are Prussian, up in Brandenburg and such.  That family produces flute playing militarists.  Wrong Germans.

I give up wrestling with recalling the memory and use wikipedia to look up Archduke Franz Ferdinand, trophy hunter and bullet sponge.   The Hapsburgs!  That's it.  Weak chinned folks that wage marriage instead of war.

Yeah, I spell it with a P.  I also say Mexico instead of Mehico, Pakistan instead of Pockistan, and BC and AD for dates instead of whatever them Social Justice Warriors changed it to.


c-90 said...

NOT only the Austro-Hungarian Empire. What's the matter, don't you read the Ring of Fire series of books?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes yes, that Habsburgian chin was spread far and wide waging marriage