Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Bupkis Monday.

I am almost always severely lacking for fodder on Mondays that fall on Tuesdays.  Or maybe I just notice them.  The exception was Christmas and New Years just past.

Interesting guns I have seen?  Some AMT longslides on consignment.  A Cooper .243 that needed sling swivels was pretty sweet.  Goin on a Texas hog hunt, that rifle. Pretty sure it was .243...

There is a lonely Colt Gold Cup on consignment no one has bought.  Desert Tan ish accents?  Not the light desert tan, the darker.

"Why is it not selling T-Bolt?"

Well, I think the price is fair.  Like a kilo-buck.  But it is 10mm.  And a gunsmith shop isn't really a gun store, so little foot traffic.  It'll go one day.  The refurbished and customized Model 10s also don't fly off the shelf.  Like 10mm fans, you have to get a certain kind of customer for that, and those are few and far between.

He does lots of FFL transfers at the shop, and doesn't mind.  Some gunstores whinge about that. Not Sam.  It's 5 minutes of work for $25.  Nothing to sneeze at.

He see lots of S&W Shields lately.  And the usual quantity of Hi-Points.  But there must be a sale on Shields.  Maybe non-2.0 versions?  That would explain a sale.  Or, Americans like 'American' made brands and slim grips when doing their standard casual Virginia CCW stuff.

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Comrade Misfit said...

I'd cheer if they brought back a DAO hammer gun like the old 3953. Even if it was a polymer one/