Saturday, January 27, 2018

Important Safety Tip

This guy got convicted of a felony.

Don't draw your CCW piece to get people to behave different.  Like:  "Don't come any closer" or "Stop threatening me with a baseball bat," or whatever.

It never turns out well.

You aren't a cop, you aren't there to get people to comply with your orders by brandishing your weapon.  Even if it is 'justifiable,' seemingly.

Keep the CCW concealed and draw because you need it.  NEED-need it.  To use.  And pray the deadly scenario you are shooting people for will look justified to most reasonable folks.  The guy with the basefall bat is charging and swinging for your head.

Tertiarily, avoid getting close to riots.

"How will I know where riots are gonna happen, T-Bolt?"

Large gatherings of Democrats.  That's where riots happen.

"But Ima a journalist and hafta go there for work."

Oh dear.  Get people to pray for your safety.  Hang around cops.  Keep your CCW piece holstered  unless cornered by angry commies with weapons gleefully describing how they are gonna enjoy killing you.

In the 30s they called your rod a 'Convincer.'  But that's not what its for.  

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Xavier, when he blogged, had a list of his own rules for carrying. One of them is "Draw your weapon and expect to be arrested." Good words to remember. Thank You, X!

Will said...

You should only draw it with the expectation it is going to make loud noises RFN! It needs to stay hidden and UNmentioned until then. If you blather about it, human nature says someone will end up forcing you to draw it. Don't go there verbally. Don't act like you are armed, generally. The critter's ego is easily bruised, and it goes downhill at that point.