Wednesday, January 24, 2018


"Man I was really a Derpy Gun-Dope five years ago.  I carried a XD40 in a Crossbreed IWB back then.  Man, what I bonehead I was."

Meh.  You coulda done worse.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  It wasn't so derpy then, remember, or you wouldna gone that route, right?

There is stuff right now that erryone thinks is the beez-knees, but in 5 years will go "What was I thinkin?!  What were WE thinking?  Who knew that when kydex got wet it turned into a contact explosive...."

Or something.

Do your best, keep an open mind, try to do better, be flexible, practice and get training.  Do all these things and even if you are hopeless at it you will still be in the 90th percentile of gonne-toters.  You are in the top 1,500,000 of CCW people.

Don't beat yourself up.  Correct as new information comes in.  It's what I try to do.

One correction?  I took my series 80 Colt with XS rear sights and sold it.  Bam.  Corrective.  It wasn't bad, I didn't foist a problem in someone else.  I just moved on.  I will move on again in the future. 


.45ACP+P said...

Not a personal fan of the XD, always considered it a personal choice, but not a "bad" one. Still very fond of my Crossbreed IWB holster. What have I missed that makes it less than optimal? I too, prefer to be relatively derpless.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I dunno. Hybrid holsters are just out of style? Like 9mm was 20 years ago and .40 is today? I'm not media influencer.

Ritchie said...

got wet it turned into a contact explosive...."

Best thing since spray dynamite.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I saw someone make fun of his gun and crossbreed and belt. It was a Glock, and am almost certain. But he was ashamed. No idea why. Even if it was a G22.

I didn't want to repost or link to call him out or anything.

Tam said...

"Hybrid holsters are just out of style?"

That's not it.