Wednesday, January 10, 2018

That's a lotta guns, nut...

Been noticing the want list.

"If you got all the 1911s on the list, how many would that be, T-Bolt?"


The Ciener, the Springfield rebuild, the T-bolt 001, 002, the Hardcore, the TCM, the CMP, the Custom...  8?


"How many revolvers?" 

Two 640s, a 617, a 686...  4?

Any other pistols?

Well, of course.


Bout as many as revolvers.  Oh, you mean .22s, too?


Bout as many as revolvers?

"So, a score or coupla dozen firearms?"

Sure!  Let's say that.

"You are a gun nut, now, aren't you?"

Not really?...

Maybe I should sell some.  In my defense, I don't HAVE some of those.  Tbolt 002 is just a frame!  The TCM is just a notion.  One shottie is a parts gun.  But.  I didn't count any of the guns I have buried in special containers on land near Bedford listed in tax records as belonging to a Mr. Josephus Donnerbolzen.  Or inside gunsafes in the elaborate bunker system carved into the Pennsylvanian hillsides, there.

At the bottom of every 5 gallon bucket of rice is a loaded Keltec .380 or Ruger Elsie Pea in a sammich baggie.


Comrade Misfit said...

Tell me about it. I just "won" a K-frame .38. I only have a dozen or so. But this one is a 6" M&P, and so....

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

ANOTHER one? Now i feel bad trying to push one on you last year.

JayNola said...

Friends don't feel bad about enabling friends gun purchases. It's not as if you're cooking the heroin yourself. Just showing them a weblink, who's to say what they're going to do with it....