Saturday, January 13, 2018

It's too expenimsival

So this guy in Houston whines that all the cookwear you need to make food is so gosh darn expensive that poor people have a point going out for KFC instead of buying cooking ingredients.  Especially because the braised chicken recipe needs a solid copper roasting pan, a Thermomix, and an industrial mixer to pull off.

But then I remembered this guy in Boston whinging that no one is taking the heirlooms of the older generation.

Even before grandma kicks it, there is often a wealth of goodies to be had when you young fledglings move out of the basement and get a place of your own.  I got married, and got an Imperial shite-tonne of goodies.  Stuff accumulates.  People want to get rid of stuff and help the younger generation out, so you end up with hand me downs.  Like, say, spare kitchen knives.

I left college and got married, a load of hand me downs.  10 years later I moved out, and a whole new set of hand me downs.  Now I am looking for youngsters to dump the second string pots and pans and flatware on.  Without trying 7 cast iron pots and pans have followed me home over the years.  I paid exactly zero dollars for them.  I only need to use three of them. 

"But you started with Middle Class privilege, T-Bolt.  What about poor people?!"

Admittedly, the spares are sparser in that case.  But it's still there.

You also don't have to spend full Blood-Bath & Beyond prices for stuff, either.  Buy used.  A place setting can be less than a buck.  Someone else's soup spoon won't kill you.  It's where I got all my stainless flatware.  Measuring cups and mixing bowls and a colander...  Use your head, poor young Millennials.  Yeah, I was young once and used my head only to think up excuses.  It's a Trap!

Oh, and the braised chicken really needs one of them free cast iron pans,a coupla bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, and 4 chicken thighs.  More spices is nice.  Carrots and potatoe and garlic, too.  A $1 knife and a optional cutting board.  Cheap.  Delicious.


B said...

Many of the thrift stores around here cannot give such things as kitchen utensils and pots and pans away. Millenials DONT want to cook.

I lived the first half of my out parents life living with castoffs, hand me downs and items I bought at thrift stores and auctions. All very sercieable items.

ProudHillbilly said...

I inherited Mom's Gaurdianware, which she bought during WWII. If you see it at a flea market, buy it, especially if the seller doesn't know that ugly stuff beats fancy copper pans hands down and is selling it cheap.