Monday, January 1, 2018

Regional Dialect

You know, like Pop or Soda or Seltzer or Coke.

Some people call this a Tow Truck:

Some call it a Wrecker.

Some people call it is Maurice.  Because it speaks of the POMPETUS of love...

Is Wrecker a Midwest thing?  It's a Tow Truck in Maryland


B said...

Generally, in the central midwest, it is a generational thing.

Older folks call it a wrecker, anyone 50 or so and under calls it a tow truck.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

I thought a “Wrecker” was the really big tow truck for semis.

.45ACP+P said...

I am not sure I have a preferred usage. They are essentially interchangeable for me. Most of my life in Eastern Virginia.

jon spencer said...

And with the proliferation of all wheel drive vehicles, there are more and more calls for "roll backs".
Here in the U.P. what seems to be is that wrecker and tow truck are used interchangeably.

McChuck said...

Wrecker and tow truck were interchangeable. (Central/southeastern Ohio, mumbledy years ago.) It kind of depended on the towing gear - the pictured vehicle would be a wrecker, with that hook. Tow trucks had a bar, and were a little gentler on the vehicle. Now, wreckers are generally the bigger vehicles that can haul a semi.