Friday, January 26, 2018

Hudson H9

I really can't wait for someone I know to review a Hudson H9.  I am a little excited about this new pistol.

After that I wanna chance to handle and maybe shoot one myself.  In a few years, after the initial release excitement has died down. This gun might make my Want List.

What the heck, I'll add it now.  It might go UP in rank, tho.

Why?  It's just neat.  And it just feels like its a gun that might live up to the hype.

You know, tho, if I walked into a gun store tomorrow and saw one with a $1,200 price tag I'd have a hard time not opening my wallet immediately.

According to reports from shot show, they are coming out with an aluminum frame version.  H9A.  8 ounces lighter.

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