Friday, January 12, 2018

Range then and now.

Ugh!  LOOK at my target from 10 years ago!

I did luck out and get one in the center circle.  Well there is one touching, too.

I have come SO far.  With a little practice and a little training.

So far more to go.  I'll never be Jerry Miculek or Max Michel, but I want to be better.  And less embarrassing. 

There.  Not perfect, but much better.  A few flinchies.  But I knew they were gonna be before I even looked up off the front sight to the target.  And the 'good' ones, all happen much faster and much easier.  Stack... BREAK.  Faster than you can say that.  And they surprise me and they are the ones in the paint.  

63 rounds of American Eagle 230 grain at 25 feet, for a total of 613 since I rebuilt this gun.  No failures this session, only one failure in the 613 (#543, failure to lockback on empty... I cleaned the gun after that, sorry.)