Thursday, January 11, 2018

McCormick Mags

You know how Chip McCormick magazines supposedly hold 8 rounds of .45 instead of 7?  Giving you, theoretically, 8+1 in the chamber.

I say theoretically because if you load that 8th round it doesn't always work so good, does it?  The follower gets smooshed a bit, and the last round might not present itself right when it is its turn, and you may get a malf.

But the darn things run 7 all day, twice on Sunday, and for years on end.  No hiccups.

So is that the same deal with 10 round McCormick 9mm mags? It says 10, but you should load just the nine for reliability?


Daddy Hawk said...

I had one Chip McCormick 10 round Power Mag for my .45 a few years ago. It did exactly what you described for the 8 rounders. Load 9, and it was as reliable as day break. Load 10, and it was FTF City. Waste of money.

Ritchie said...

Working from one example, I find that the Ruger .45 8-rounder makes a nice 7 rounder after you saw the wings off the base plate and don't obsess over the extra length.

Tam said...

Wilson ETMs are the way to go for 9mm 1911 sticks IME.