Monday, January 15, 2018

Trump is awful

But I'm glad he won.  I can ignore his stylistic issues that grate on me.  I don't care about his dignity.  He will be gone in 7 years.  How the NEXT president acts is what impacts the country's dignity.  Yes, he's shattered some norms.  So?  He's not permanent.  Or is he?...

One of the few good things about his is the conniptions he makes people go through.  But he's never turned his attention toward me and mine. 

I had low expectations for him.  So far he has exceed those expectations.  Let's list some:

  1. He is 100% not Hillary, who will never be president
  2. Gorsuch
  3. Other judges appointed that weren't appointed by Hillary
  4. His national security team and what he has them do.  Mattis. 
  5. Regulatory federal rules rollbacks
  6. Tax bill passed
  7. EPA rollbacks specifically
  8. FCC rollbacks specifically
  9. GDP growth we should have seen in 2010 
  10. He get's annoying people to follow the laser pointer dot, barking their heads off, as if they can catch it.

If he signs Reciprocity, gets one or more leftist SCOTUS judge replacements with picks from his List, and manages to get sensible, securing, immigration laws passed...  Well I don't care if he decides he is the first 24/7 nudist president until 2025.

A year ago the only thing it would take to please me is:

"Coupla quarters of +3% GDP growth, some decent SCOTUS picks, and a pro-gun law are about all it would take to exceed my expectations.  Addressing immigration and Obamacare is gravy by my lights, but also possible."

So, one more SCOTUS pick and Reciprocity and 2016 T-Bolt is walking in high cotton with this President.

He does 7 more years similarly... decent conservative policy gains, but acts like a lying jerk egotist that tweets too much?  Hell, I'll take that every day and twice on Sundays.

Right now, I don't what he could do to make me vote against him.  Pull a Reciprocity miracle out of his hat and I don't know what anyone could do to keep me from voting for him.

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