Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Should you small-of-back carry


My answer?  Yes.  Obviously.  Better than a shoulder holster, or in your sock, like Sonny Crocket.

But I learned everything I know about CCW from hoody-wearing Axel Foley. And he carried small of back, so it must be best.  

*These are all opinions from 1986 T-Bolt.  Mileage may very.  But the Ponitac Fiero is a sweet machine.

Yup, Axel and his sweet Beretta wonder-nine carried in the small of his back. What could be better?


What?!  It was a Hi-Power?  Well, so much for my memory on a subject I was still unfamiliar with 30+ years ago.   So am I thinking of Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon for the Beretta?  Yeah

So, yeah, people don't carry at 6 o'clock much nowadays or when I started this blog.  When I started, most erryone was strong side hip, off center, IWB for concealed carry.  Now, a dozen plus years later a lot more Appendix carry you didn't see in 2007.

Things change and Beverly Hills Cop might not have held up as a training aid like I thought and HOLY GOD!!!

What is that?!  WTF IS THAT?!

That is Foley's boss, in that same movie, carrying a 1911, Mexican style, at his 9 o'clock, for a right hand draw.  No holster.  Thin, stylish, 1980s belt....  Shiver.  And the dude was an ACTUAL Detroit homicide detective when he wasn't acting.  So this was an actual thing.  Or may have been.  

Not to self.  In the future.  Don't take training tips from Eddie Murphy movies or Detroit homicide detectives.  

Seriously, appendix carry has it's ups and downs, but a big up is retention.  Easier to surprise you and snatch your gun if it is to your rear.  


Jonathan H said...

Don't forge that if your gun is to the rear, you can't reach it sitting normally, and when you do sit it can become a pain in the back.

I know a guy who carries like this and prints BADLY through the t shirts he normally wears. I think you really need a jacket to not print, and then you have to deal with access.

Mike V said...

Small of the back works ok if youre on your feet all day. If you sit alot, it is uncomfortable to the point of hurting.

And yes, Ol' Axel carried a Hi Power, God bless him, and even did a one hand reload at one point.

As to his boss with the butt forward 1911, my guess is he is left handed and he would reach for the pistol kind of like reaching for his wallet. I've seen other old hands carry butt forward, strong side that way.

Will said...

Every time I read anything about MOB carry, it was to point out how dangerous it was to the carrier. the stated problem was you could fracture your spine if you landed on it after falling. Although I have only read of one named person that this happened to, which left him as a paraplegic.

Frankly, it only works for people shaped to hide an object there (Kardashian butt). There are pros and cons for any position of carry, and lots of it depends on body shape and clothing style and weather/climate, modified by type and size of gun.

What you have to be concerned about is that if the fight starts as a scuffle, you almost always end up on the ground, and most of the time you will not be able to access it in that situation. Probably not applicable to those 6'5", 280lbs carriers.

Part of the problem is that due to the angle on the gun, most people will not be able to safely access it with their off hand.

Looks good on the screen, not so much in real life.