Friday, April 23, 2021

The internet is a cesspit

But I have learned so much from amateurs and hobbies on YouTube.  Stuff I never would have gotten a proper inkling from a book in the 1990s, say.

Because of YouTube I know what a Tourbillon is, and how it goes together.

You know what I haven't learned?  Gunsmithing.  Well, advanced gunsmithing.  Tho I am all ears if you have a suggestion on a channel.  Some offering on Brownells come closest. 

The finer points of customizing a 1911 aren't conducive to mere 15 minute videos, and need more in person hands on instruction, I found.

Don't get me wrong, field and detail stripping videos are a tremendously valuable resource.  They just aren't "pull the trigger a little bit.  Feel that wiggle?  That's loose disconnector."

But the only way I was going to get insight on cutting an acme thread apart from in person training is a demo on an internet vidja,.

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Anvil by Mark Novak