Thursday, April 22, 2021

Covid Deaths

 Whatcha think?

The deaths in the first hump (1) are old people in crowded parts of the county. The deaths in the second hump(2) are when it spreads to the county as a whole.  Just a theory.  Nice to see the drop off now. 

And below is nationwide.  Also good news, trendwise.  I don't see how this thing can flare up again without a massive mutation that defeats all the vax.


My governor has been pleased that all the vulnerable in Maryland have gotten at least the one shot.  Over 4 million shots in a state of 6 million.  1.7 million fully vaccinated in a state with only a million people over age 65 and thus extra vulnerable.  If you are over age 50, a healthcare worker or other essential personnel, or vulnerable due to some other condition and you haven't gotten a shot in this state yet it's because you don't want one or can't be arsed.  He is now focused on encouraging college students to get the stick.  And contacting 70,000 Medicaid recipients that haven't yet come in.

Death numbers will never get to be a big hump again at this rate.  A massive vax-defeating mutation or a new virus will have to be released in Wuhan for that to happen.  


Marty said...

What do I think?

All men die. Not all men live...

McChuck said...

The vaccinations have already been defeated. The rate of infection for the vaccinated is on par with the unvaccinated, and their death rate appears to be higher. (The death rate disparity may be due to the elderly and infirm being given preferential status for vaccinations. Time will tell.) Corona (SARS) is a cold virus, which has a mutation half-life of about 90 days. There are dozens of variants already, and the vaccines are based on DNA samples taken over a year ago.

Do the math. There is a reason why nobody bothered to develop a cold vaccine before. Follow the money and the power.

Jonathan H said...

I'm with McChuck - vaccinated people have been confirmed to catch COVID, and some have died of it.

I won't call the Moderna and Pfizer shots vaccines - because they are not; they use messenger RNA, not weak or dead virus particles (like every other vaccine you've gotten).

mRNA shots are gene therapy - in this case, they are supposed to stimulate certain cells to grow proteins like COVID, so that the body starts to develop an anti-body response. Note that the reason they claim that masks, distancing, etc (NPI - non pharmaceutical intervention) are still claimed to be necessary is because these shots don't stop you from getting or transmitting the illness; they reduce your symptoms.

We know there are multiple variants; how many are there? I don't know - I've heard numbers anywhere from 8 to 30, but not enough detail to evaluate them.
I DO know that much of what we hear about the virus is said for political reasons, NOT scientific reasons, so it has to be assumed that we aren't hearing the real reason for the requirements.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Those mRNA shots? Those are going to port over to the flu shots, and they will make yearly flu shots a thing of the past. One shot and resistance to many variants. It's the new style! A breakthrough. What a time to be alive.