Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thanks to Patriot's Day

The Monday bupkis shifted to Tuesday.

It's 4/20.  Enjoy your Lucifer's Lettuce you perverted hippy reprobates.  When the reefer-induced psychosis hits, I hope you are nowhere near me.  Don't get confrontational with the cops, they'll just air you out.

My local Bass Pro occasionally gets ammo in.  I am told the price is reasonable.  This mean it gets hoovered up with a quickness.  I guess it would help to be lucky or to know someone that knows when the ammo truck is due. 

That Maxine Waters is a piece of work, isn't she?

Anime would be good if it weren't for all the Anime enthusiasts.  

Critical Race Theory Educrat enthusiasm, plague-panic-porn, wokesters, riot season, Domestic Neo-Marxist...  I dunno, it feels like it was made worse to distract folks from other more important things.  I'll miss Taiwan when it is gone.  And Ukraine.  

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riverrider said...

"i'll miss Taiwan, and Ukraine..." and the eastern seaboard.