Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Got the blahs

I can't be arsed with the hobby.  Today at least.

"Any movement on just up and buying that DeLisle reproduction or equivalent, T-Bolt?"

Meh.  What's the point.

Now some of this is the health issues.  I no longer look at big 'ol Bug Out Bags.  I think about how to downsize and lighten.

One of the nice things about the video game Escape From Tarkov.  (It's a first person shooter and survival online player-vs-player game.)  You kit out before you enter play.  And weight and cost matters.  "I'll be fine with this AR and 2 mags in a chest rig.  No backpack, I'll loot one off a dead guy" and then "Heck, I'll just take an SKS with 30 loose rounds in my pockets, no chest rig, one bandage tucked in a sock.  Loot everything else I might need or die trying."

I look at the M1A and shiver.  Too heavy.  Especially with a dozen loaded magazines.  It always was a vehicle based gun.  At top physical condition I look sideways at that big toting rig and shake my head over the thought of a long walk.  

Backpack camp 8 miles from here?   Nowadays?  Yuck.  But I'd rather contemplate that with NO guns or ammo.  If I had to bring a boomstick bigger than a pistol, an AR is preferable to that 7.62 beast.  

But I have bandolier style pouches far mag fed rifles.  They hold 4 magazines.  I have 3 and a cleaning kit in them.  THAT is more BUG bag friendly.  And even my crippled back doesn't rebel thinking on it.  

(Who am I kidding?  A pistol and 2 spare magazines sounds too heavy right now)  

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Marty said...

With current limitations, maybe concentrate SIP shelter In Place or on a BOV. Bug Out Vehicle. Gotta have a place to go...